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Universal Wheels

Universal Wheels

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  • Ships flat to your door
  • Plug & play
  • Flexible to any space

3-Year Warranty

All products are backed by a 3-Year warranty.

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Our privacy pods are delivered in a shipping crate to your address in about 8-10 weeks. For expedited shipping options, please contact us at

Seeking a convenient mobility solution for your indoor office pods? Our Universal Wheels set is compatible with a range of models including:

  • 1 Person Pod
  • 2 Person Pod
  • 4 Person Booth
  • 6 Person Booth

For our 8 Person Pod, two Universal Wheel Sets are necessary to accommodate its size. This comprehensive kit equips you with all the essentials to effortlessly roll and relocate your booth without the need for disassembly.


Revolutionary Technology is dedicated to providing the latest technology and crafting efficient, innovative, and focused workspaces. Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us in technology and acoustic engineering.

The world's leading brands use our pods.

Acoustics-controlled environments contribute significantly to several aspects of work and mental well-being:

- 62% increase in work motivation

- 44% increase in the ability to focus

- 52% increase in performance for tasks requiring full concentration

- 29% reduction in pressure level

- 55% reduction in session interference

- 18% reduction in error rate

Sykes, David M., PhD., 2004, “Productivity: How Acoustics Affect Workers’ Performance in Open Areas”