Outdoor Office Pods / Meeting Rooms

Designed to Thrive in All Elements | 35 dB Sound Suppression | Financing Available

  • 35dB

    Sound insulation 35dB
    (Tolerance ±5dB)

  • E1

    E1 environmental standards

  • 25°F

    Air conditioning temp control 60-85°F

    (2500W/24V refrigeration)

  • 11

    11 kinds of composite materials
    (Aerospace-Grade materials)


The privacy pod is meticulously engineered for water resistance and corrosion resistance, ensuring durability even in challenging weather conditions. Crafted from premium aerospace-grade materials, it's your worry-free solution for outdoor use in any weather, built to last.

Thermal insulation

Our pod is meticulously designed to conserve energy and enhance comfort, thanks to its hollow glass construction that offers exceptional heat retention capabilities.


Inside the privacy pod, you'll enjoy a well-lit space with a natural light color temperature of 4000K, illuminated by a central main lighting system featuring 1600 Lux LEDs.

Air conditioner

Our outdoor pods feature a top-mounted integrated air conditioning system. Its efficient evaporator can handle 350 cubic meters per hour, ensuring optimal temperature control.