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How soundproof are the pods?

PrivacyPod booths meet ISO 23351-1 standards for sound insulation, boasting an STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating of 30dB (±5dB) and a RT (Reverberation Time) of 0.25s(±0.1s).

What does all of this mean?
STC of 30dB: Our pods suppress outside noise by 30dB.
RT0.25s: Only takes 1/4 of a second for sound energy to decrease by 60dB!

Do you have a warranty?

We offer a 3-year warranty on all of our privacy pods (valid from the date of purchase). The warranty covers hardware, materials and workmanship when used appropriately by our recommended guidelines. We stand behind our product's durability and structural integrity.

What type of power do your pods take?

All of our pods are designed to connect easily to a standard 120V outlet. The power usage for each model is as follows:

  • 1 Person Pod: 16W
  • 2 Person Pod: 24W
  • 4 Person Pod: 71W
  • 6 Person Pod: 98W
  • 8-10 Person Pod: 227W
  • Outdoor Office Pod: 1120W
  • 8 Person Outdoor Office Pod: 1410W

Do you have feedback from existing customers?

Absolutely! We've delighted hundreds of customers by providing them with the Sound Pod of their dreams at prices they love. Interested in hearing their experiences? Take a look at our reviews section to read their testimonials firsthand.

What solutions do you offer?

PrivacyPod specializes in providing top-tier acoustic sound pods/booths and a range of accessories. We feature a diverse selection of over 10 different models, along with various accessories, designed to enhance creative and focused working environments. Our primary focus is on serving the Business-to-Business market.

What is the shipping time?

Our privacy pods arrive in a shipping crate at the delivery address in approximately 8-10 weeks.

We also provide an expedited shipping option of 3-5 weeks at checkout.

What is the average assembly time?

Installation time after unboxing:

1 Person Pod: 1 Builders, 3 hours
2 Person Pod: 2 Builders, 3 hours
4 Person Pod: 2 Builders, 4 hours
6 Person Pod: 2 Builders, 6 hours
8-10 Person Pod: 3 Builders, 6 hours

We offer installation services, please contact us for a quote.

For installation guides, check out our Assembly page linked below.