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  • Privacy Solutions for Meeting Rooms, Collaborative Areas, and Phone Booths.

  • PrivacyPod offers you advanced soundproof office pods solutions that offer companies an affordable, sustainable, and modular alternative opposed to traditional office design.

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Our Philosophy

We collaborate with experts across various fields to provide steadfast, trustworthy, and market-competitive solutions in sound control, insulation, and noise reduction. Our goal is to inspire and usher in a new age of boundless opportunities within the sector.

Our Mission

As pioneers in acoustic solutions, we are committed to creating soundproof pod and booth spaces that are not only eco-friendly but also enhance productivity.

Our Expertise

Leveraging our advanced manufacturing capabilities, we've dedicated a decade to refining our sound booth designs. Our office pods and phone booths, suitable for both established and developing markets, are engineered to boost productivity and ensure superior sound management.

Commitment to the Environment

At the forefront of eco-innovation, PrivacyPod is a trailblazer in the adoption of recycled carbon materials, embodying our commitment to sustainability. Each of our booths is characterized by:

  • A carbon footprint of ≤0.071kg CO2e
  • An average energy usage of ≤0.4MJ
  • An air acidification measure of ≤0.0001kg SO2e
  • A water eutrophication impact of ≤0.00002PO4

In Tech We Trust

Achieve up to 35 decibels of noise reduction in our meeting pods, certified by ISO 23351-1 standards, ensuring complete privacy for your discussions. Our office pods are constructed with aerospace-grade aluminum for enhanced durability and safety, free from formaldehyde risks.

Perfection Takes Time

Perfection takes time, and our decade-long journey in acoustic technology reflects this. In collaboration with world-renowned acousticians and designers, we craft aesthetically superior and innovative acoustic solutions that meet international quality standards.

Shipped to Your Door

Our factory-to-business model delivers significant savings and guarantees satisfaction. Each acoustic pod is carefully inspected before shipment. We're excited for you to experience its quality upon arrival. Installation services are also available for a hassle-free setup.

  • Affordable Sound Solutions

    Our prefabricated solutions provide extra space for concentrated work and teamwork at a significantly lower cost than conventional building methods, all while eliminating the issues of continuous noise, interruptions, and distractions.

  • Plug & Play Installation

    Our innovative product design offers the flexibility to relocate panels to any desired location with ease. Hassle-free!

  • Adaptable Design

    In contrast to conventional construction, our specially designed Pods are made to fit seamlessly into your workspace, offering the versatility to be placed in multiple locations around your office or even moved to a completely new setting.

  • No Renovation Needed

    The advancements in product design and manufacturing processes ensure you get the same high-quality outcomes at a lower cost.

  • Soundproof

    We are experts in the field of architectural acoustics, construction noise management, and industrial sound reduction. Our focus includes acoustic safety technologies and solutions for environmental noise control.

  • Time Saving

    Our designs are streamlined for rapid setup. You can either enlist the help of our expert team or follow our straightforward instructions and video guides for assistance.

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