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4 Person Pod

4 Person Pod

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  • Ships flat to your door
  • Plug & play
  • Flexible to any space

3-Year Warranty

All products are backed by a 3-Year warranty.

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Our privacy pods are delivered in a shipping crate to your address in about 8-10 weeks.

We also provide an expedited shipping option of 3-5 weeks at checkout.

Technical Specs

Weight: 1366 lbs (Pod Only)
Internal Size: 84.25" x 80.32" x 59.06"
External Size: 90.55" x 86.61" x 60.47"
Ventilation: Dual Turbo Fan - 551 m³/h
STC 30dB (±5dB) & RT0.25s (±0.1s)
Aviation Type Alloy, Cast Aluminium Corners, Nanometer PP Finish
10mm Tempered Glass Front & Back
Voltage: 100-240V /50-60Hz
LED Square & Side Strips 4000k, 50Lx, Daylight
Multiple Power Outlets, 220- 24V + USB, USB-C, Energy Saving Motion Sensor
Emergency Safety Hammer


4 Person Pod: Office Meeting Space

Product Description

Elevate your workspace with PrivacyPod's premier 4 Person Pod, a soundproof meeting booth tailored for the dynamic demands of modern, focus-driven work environments. Our innovative design accommodates up to four individuals, creating an ideal setting for conferences, private discussions, or group Zoom calls.

At the core of our 4 Person Pod is the groundbreaking dual silent ventilation system, an industry-leading feature that ensures optimal airflow. This cutting-edge technology maintains a well-ventilated, cool, and comfortable space, minimizing distractions from both internal and external noise sources. The result is a serene environment that enhances productivity and focus during meetings.

Our meeting booth is equipped with premium furniture options, including high-quality sofas and tables, along with an optional monitor stand (monitor not included) to support video conferencing and presentations. Constructed from aviation-style alloy, reinforced with full toughened glass, and lined with internal PET sound acoustic panels, our booth promises durability and acoustic integrity.

The 4 Person Pod from PrivacyPod is more than just a meeting space; it's a strategic investment in your office's productivity and privacy. Designed to offer a secluded, interruption-free zone for meetings and collaborations, this pod stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation in office solutions.

For businesses seeking a blend of privacy, comfort, and efficiency, the 4 Person Pod by PrivacyPod represents the pinnacle of soundproof meeting booth technology. Embrace a new standard in office design and discover how our acoustic meeting booths can transform your workspace into a hub of productivity and collaboration.

Modern open-plan office featuring PrivacyPod office pods, ideal for phone booths, zoom rooms, and private workspaces. These soundproof pods enhance office layouts, providing quiet and distraction-free environments for focused work and meetings

2-4 Person Meeting Pod

Meet our soundproof meeting booth, tailored for environments where focus is key. With seating for four, it's ideal for conferences, private sessions, or group Zoom calls.

Thoughtfully Designed

We pride ourselves on selecting products that blend technical ingenuity with creative design. Our furniture packs, shaped by years of customer feedback, offer functionality, comfort, and a sleek, organic design. We focus on providing durable upholstery, robust construction, and a high-quality finish.

New, Upgraded Lighting

Our larger pods now include, as a standard feature, extra LED strip lighting at 4000k 50Lx Daylight, elegantly positioned on both sides of our meeting and conference booths. These are powered independently from the main central light, offering either task or ambient lighting options.

Introducing the Turbo Fan System

Meet the new Turbo Fan: Sleeker design, increased airflow for enhanced comfort and a refreshing atmosphere.

Revolutionary Technology

PrivacyPod is dedicated to providing the latest technology and crafting efficient, innovative, and focused workspaces. Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us in technology and acoustic engineering.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Megan K.
Can't imagine our office without PrivacyPod!

Privacyood has helped our team tremendously. Gone are the days of pacing phone calls, or conference rooms being booked by a single person. We have three rooms for our company of 20+ employees, and they are being utilized non-stop. I don't have a single complaint about these pods.

Pablo S.

Roomy and spacious, making it enjoyable to take calls in!

Such an amazing solution!

In our vibrant open-plan office, maintaining focus during calls can be tough amidst the hustle and bustle. Recently, we installed two 4-person pods, and they've been absolute game-changers! They've significantly boosted our day-to-day productivity, and we're considering adding more soon.

Judy T.

We have an open floor plan and collaborative workspace, so these booths provide us the quiet spaces required for individual meetings and conversations.

Ivan R.
Functional and a Compliment To Our Space

We are a boutique law firm in an open office plan - great for collaboration, not ideal for privacy. When we first viewed our new office space, we needed something affordable, functional and stylish to complement the atmosphere we were trying to build for our space. We did copious amounts of research to find a soundproof phone booth solution that would meet each of our prerequisites. We were thrilled when we discovered PrivacyPod. One of the main takeaways that we hadn't expected is our use of the booth; we don't just take phone calls in there. When someone needs to be hyperfocused on a project with zero distraction, some members of our team will escape to the booth for a few hours. Our biggest concern was going to be air circulation - we were assured it wouldn't be a problem and it hasn't been. Overall, we're happy with the investment with them and have zero buyer's remorse. Highly recommended!

You can find these pods at...

Collection of PrivacyPod office pods in varying sizes, perfect for use as meeting pods, phone booths, and zoom rooms. These soundproof office pods enhance workplace design by providing private, quiet spaces for focused work and meetings.

Acoustics-controlled environments contribute significantly to several aspects of work and mental well-being:

- 62% increase in work motivation

- 44% increase in the ability to focus

- 52% increase in performance for tasks requiring full concentration

- 29% reduction in pressure level

- 55% reduction in session interference

- 18% reduction in error rate

Sykes, David M., PhD., 2004, “Productivity: How Acoustics Affect Workers’ Performance in Open Areas”