Users of our privacy pods


Boeing implemented 2-Person Pods as premier spaces for collaboration, meetings, events, and training. These pods have made meetings more productive and engaging, allowing participants to concentrate without external distractions.

LG Corporation

LG's commercial sales department sought partitioned office space to counteract the chaos of their noisy environment, dominated by sales calls. After evaluating costs, ceiling height, and the potential long-term value of both options, the management opted for our medium/large sized pods. These pods create an ideal setting for concentrated sales discussions and focused training sessions.


Volvo faced a challenge with their engineers needing to be on the factory floor while also requiring a focused workspace. Additionally, the flexibility to adapt as the production line grew and diversified was essential. The installation of our large 4-person pod proved to be an excellent solution. With the added purchase of an optional movability pack, they can now relocate the booth anywhere on the production floor within just 5 minutes.

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Charles B. - Texas

Perfect For Our Needs!

"Being a small digital agency with a busy Dallas office, we contracted PrivacyPod to deliver and install two medium booths for project meetings and another for zoom/conference calls. The products are very well built and sturdy, very modern in design and very well finished, and the acoustics are excellent.

Robert R. - Colorado

Private and sturdy

"6 pods purchased, great for confidential, focused, single-person zoom calls and phone calls, solid construction, easy assembly and built to last!"

Sebastian G. - Vermont

PrivacyPod Makes Life Easy

"If you're a fast-paced, collaborative company, having the right setup is crucial. PrivacyPod provides the quiet spaces essential for such dynamic businesses to thrive."

Evelynn K. - Washington

Great Product!

"The need for flexibility in today's workplace – regarding our lease, space, and design – makes PrivacyPod an obvious choice. Their meeting pods enable us to offer our team adaptability and truly embody the modern workspace."