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8 Person Pod

8 Person Pod

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Our privacy pods are delivered in a shipping crate to your address in about 8-10 weeks.

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Technical Specs

Weight: 3400 lbs (w/ Furniture)
Internal Size: 111.81" x 167.32" x 84.25"
External Size: 118.11" x 168.74" x 90.55"
Ventilation: Dual Turbo Fan - 551 m³/h
STC 30dB (±5dB) & RT0.25s (±0.1s)
Aviation Type Alloy, Cast Aluminium Corners, Nanometer PP Finish
10mm Tempered Glass Front & Back
Voltage: 100-240V /50-60Hz
LED Square & Side Strips, 6000K Central Lighting, 4000K Background Lighting
Multiple Power Outlets, 220- 24V + USB, USB-C, Energy Saving Motion Sensor
Emergency Safety Hammer


8-10 Person Pod: Meeting Booth

Product Description

Introducing the pinnacle of collaborative workspace solutions: the 8-10 Privacy Pod by PrivacyPod. Designed to accommodate the evolving needs of modern offices, this expansive pod redefines the concept of group workspaces by merging premium soundproofing with a spacious and comfortable environment, ideal for larger teams or crucial meetings requiring confidentiality and focus.

A New Dimension of Collaborative Space
The 8-10 Privacy Pod stands as a testament to PrivacyPod's commitment to fostering productive and private group dynamics. It offers a generous space that comfortably holds 8 to 10 individuals, making it perfect for team meetings, brainstorming sessions, and strategic discussions where collaboration without interruption is key.

Exceptional Acoustic Engineering
Crafted with meticulous attention to acoustic detail, the 8-10 Privacy Pod features advanced sound insulation technology. The walls are lined with high-quality acoustic panels that ensure superior sound absorption, providing an environment where conversations remain private and external noises are kept at bay.

Designed for Team Comfort and Efficiency
Understanding that comfort enhances productivity, this pod is outfitted with ergonomic furniture, customizable to fit the needs of any team. The interior boasts soft lighting and a state-of-the-art ventilation system, ensuring a cool, comfortable, and well-lit setting conducive to extended collaborative efforts.

Seamless Integration into Any Office Environment
With a sleek design and a range of finishes, the 8-10 Privacy Pod is built to blend seamlessly into any office aesthetic. Its presence is a statement of sophistication and functionality, promising not just a meeting space but a strategic investment in the intellectual capital of your team.

A Commitment to Quality and Innovation
PrivacyPod is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what a collaborative space can be. The 8-10 Privacy Pod encapsulates this vision, offering an unparalleled combination of privacy, comfort, and acoustic perfection. It's not just a space; it's a productivity powerhouse, enabling your team to achieve their best work in a distraction-free environment.

The 8-10 Privacy Pod by PrivacyPod is more than an addition to your office; it's a transformative space designed to elevate teamwork, creativity, and efficiency to new heights. Explore the future of work with a solution that meets the demands of today's collaborative projects and discussions.

Technical drawing of a 6 Person PrivacyPod soundproof office pod, detailing dimensions and layout. Ideal for use as a privacy booth, modular room, and soundproof office solution, enhancing office soundproofing and workplace design.

8-10 Person Meeting Pod

Meet our soundproof meeting booth, tailored for environments where focus is key. With seating for eight to ten, it's ideal for conferences, private sessions, or group Zoom calls.

Thoughtfully Designed

We pride ourselves on selecting products that blend technical ingenuity with creative design. Our furniture packs, shaped by years of customer feedback, offer functionality, comfort, and a sleek, organic design. We focus on providing durable upholstery, robust construction, and a high-quality finish.

New, Upgraded Lighting

Our larger pods now include, as a standard feature, extra LED strip lighting at 4000k 50Lx Daylight, elegantly positioned on both sides of our meeting and conference booths. These are powered independently from the main central light, offering either task or ambient lighting options.

Introducing the Turbo Fan System

Meet the new Turbo Fan: Sleeker design, increased airflow for enhanced comfort and a refreshing atmosphere.

Revolutionary Technology

PrivacyPod is dedicated to providing the latest technology and crafting efficient, innovative, and focused workspaces. Our relentless pursuit of excellence drives us in technology and acoustic engineering.

Customer Reviews

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Expensive, worth it.

Expensive but totally worth it. Great for conference meetings with my team. Frees up space, and completely soundproof

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Acoustics-controlled environments contribute significantly to several aspects of work and mental well-being:

- 62% increase in work motivation

- 44% increase in the ability to focus

- 52% increase in performance for tasks requiring full concentration

- 29% reduction in pressure level

- 55% reduction in session interference

- 18% reduction in error rate

Sykes, David M., PhD., 2004, “Productivity: How Acoustics Affect Workers’ Performance in Open Areas”